Florp Farming - a game about farming florps and getting lots of money. Can you get $1000 to buy a dog?

  • Shake tree
  • Get apple
  • Feed florp
  • Get gem
  • Profit

Ludum Dare page here: https://ldjam.com/events/ludum-dare/44/florp-farming

Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(12 total ratings)
Made withp5.js
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After a while autofarming sunflowers I got a few of them. Awesome game! I love the mechanics that come up from something as simple as a magnet attracting stuff. I was able to build automatic farms for gems, crystals and then sunflowers. The only thing I'd add to this game is an auto seller of some kind. I ended up having to do a lot of clicking to sell all unwanted items before taking this screenshot lmao.


ADD A SELL ALL CRYSTALS or GEMS pleaaaaaaaaaseeeeee

really fun!


Awesome! :D I love this game. The art is so charming and the mechanics are really balanced. My only complaint is that I wish there was a way to lock magnets into being a specific type because sometimes when I was trying to move something across I would accidentally change one and it would break everything lol. I found an awesome layout. I have moles at the bottom of my money factory structure. They produce energy which is pulled to the apple picker by a magnet. then a magnet pulls those apples to a magnet pulling Florps. The Florps make gems that get pulled through the blood diamond converting zone. If they don't get turned into blood diamonds they get turned into a gem cluster. Then I cash in those blood diamonds for a good boi.


Hi, I use p5.js too. I was thinking I could learn some things from you. Also, love your game!

Game speed too slow

is a fun game but it is a drag to sell everyting by hand mabye auto seller

Wait, this was made with p5.js?? I usually code programs on p5.js, but I can't download the programs. I also tried downloading it in the File button (at the corner of the sketch) but it didn't run. I read an article saying that I need Subslime or other text editor. Is there any other way to download it?? :))

Thanks in advance! :D

Yeah it's because this game loads images and stuff. Modern browsers don't seem to like loading files from their local computers. You'll have to setup a local server with python or something to host the file for yourself, and play it that way.

Thanks for your help :)) I guess I'll try :)

Bought the doogos for my fiancée, full CTO MBP frozen to ashes. All for you my one and only honig, Livia. :3

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magnet doesnt work for me after then update =[

10/10 instated Modern Efficient Farming

....after converting about 10k Accident Mushrooms into blood crystals to quell the Plague


There should be a way to  sell everything of one item but other than that it is a wonderful game, I got 13 dogs!

You should link to the voting page! Fun game.

I had a lot of fun playing this game and seeing how all the different items interacted with one another. I also enjoyed the art style, it’s nice to see something other than pixel art every now and then.

I got the dog.  It loves me. Great game.